“Affordable, high quality medical equipment from China.”
  • 25.4 * 11 mm, 10-hour Battery
  • Auto Pairing, Real-time View
  • Quick View, Split-View
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  • Water resistant
  • High quality PP, SMS,PE coated
  • Non-woven
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  • Accurately measure SpO2 value and Pulse Rate value
  • 30 hours continuous working time
  • Light, small in size and easy to carry
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  • With a tie or Velcro closure on the neck and 2 waist belts
  • White knitted or elastic cuffs
  • High quality PP,SMS, PE coated non-woven
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  • Multiple colours available
  • Multiple thicknesses available
  • Applicable in hospitals for hard waste
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Omom Capsule Camera

CE Registration Number: HD 60103944 0001, Sterile packaging.

The OMOM Capsule Camera system is being used worldwide and introduced in the Netherlands in University Medical Centre Groningen in 2012. The system received full satisfaction. Many investments are being made by our Chinese manufacturer to constantly update the system. It consists of the following components and specifications:

1. Capsule

• Format: 11mm * 25,4mm
• Usage time : 12 hours
• Weight: 4,5 g
• Viewing angle: 165o
• 6 build in LED lights. The LED light system ensures optimal lighting and an evenly distribution of light.
• Resolution: 640*480px

2. Receiver

• Wireless
• 2.8 inch display
• No interference. Can connect 10 patients at a time
• Removable, rechargeable battery
• Battery usage: 15 hours

3. Belt

• Comfortable fit
• Can be worn over clothes


Isolation Gowns SNB0001

The design of the isolation gowns originates from the UK and the Netherlands. They have been tested by several special microbiological labs in the USA and Europe. This type of Isolation Gown is being used as standard product in hospitals in Europe, Australia, the USA, the UK China and Japan.

Certifications and Specifications

• ISO9001
• No child Labor Claim
• ISO14001 or comparable environmental certification from China
• Anti-static coating material guarantee for minimal 3 years after production
• 32g
• Blue
• Non-woven
• Water resistant
• Universal XL size (EU standard)
• Velcro neck close
• Knitted sleeve (>6cm)
• 120*140cm

Packaging: 10 folded gowns in one transparent plastic bag, non-sterile, sealed. 5 plastic bags in 1 box (total: 50 pieces in one box)

Isolation Gowns N302-25

Isolation gown made of high quality PP, SMS, PE coated non-woven, with a tie or Velcro closure on the neck and 2 waist belts. White knitted or elastic cuffs are used.

Class I, According to Annex IX, MDD 93/42/EEC

Material and sewing specifications
• SMS 25gsm with anti-static treatment,water resistant,blue
• Knitted/sewing seam
• Gown material: SMS 25gsm with anti-static treatment,water resistant,blue
• Sewing: Knitted/sewing seam
• Waist tie material: SMS 25gsm,Blue
• Neck material: SMS 25gsm,Blue
• Velco at neck: Yes
• Knitted cuff: Yes