“To know the road ahead, ask those coming back.”
Chinese Proverb
  • Connector.

    Creating Value

    Through direct access to our extended network of suppliers in China, we create value by removing ‘in betweens’.

  • Connector.

    Tailoring products

    We keep the dialogue going until all product requirements are met.

  • Connector.

    Full process coverage

    From the legislative process to delivery. Sinomedik takes care of the whole procedure.

  • Why Sinomedik is a good choice

    The Chinese medical device market is developing rapidly. Starting in 1978, China reformed its health system from a governmental, centrally planned, and universal system to a heavily market-based one. Market and economic incentives contributed to improving efficiency and quality in health care.

    Planning on doing business with China? You have to be able to overcome many obstacles, e.g. cultural differences, distance, language, etc. Finding the right way and the appropriate product isn’t always easy, especially in the medical field. That is why we advise making use of us. It is simply cost and time saving.

    The same applies to Chinese suppliers entering the European market. We are the right window to open to give you full access.

  • Bridging the gap between China and Europe

    Since 2011, Sinomedik B.V. is operating in the Netherlands to bridge the gap between Chinese medical suppliers and European customers.

    We join the NFU (Nederlands Federatie Van Universitair Medische Centra) and are cooperating with University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG), as one of their partners in their cost reduction program. We are able to reduce costs by minimising the length of the supply chain.