Presenting the Omom Endoscopy System to GDEKK in Fulda

Sinomedik presented the Omom Endoscopy System to GDEKK in Fulda. PHOTO'S

Upgrading the Omom Endoscopy System

Sinomedik updated the Omom Capsule Camera Endoscopy System in University Medical Centre Groningen.


Sinomedik attended the “Nederlandse Vereniging voor Gastroenterologie” (NVGE) conference to discover opportunities.

Partner agreement with GDEKK

Sinomedik signed a partner agreement with “Dienstleistungs- und Einkaufsgemeinschaft Kommunaler Krankenhäuser eG im Deutschen Städtetag” (GDEKK) in the office of Sinomedik.

Copy of Serious Games in Healthcare

Sinomedik sponsored Serious Games in Healthcare Symposium held at University Medical Centre Groningen.


Presenting the Omom Endoscopy System to GDEKK in Fulda


Attending the NVGE – Conference in Eindhoven, the Netherlands

“Nederlandse Vereniging voor Gastroenterologie” Conference

Sinomedik looked for opportunities at the NVGE – Conference in Eindhoven and promoted the Omom Capsule Camera System. The NVGE works closely together with the Dutch Association of Gastroenterology Liver Physicians, the Dutch Society of Hepatology and the Dutch Society for Gastrointestinal Surgery.

On 6 October 2016, Sinomedik went to Veldhoven together with one of its suppliers to attend the NVGE-conference. Sinomedik promoted its smart endoscopy system OMOM Capsule Camera. This system is constantly being renewed. The updated system comes with many new features that aren’t always obvious to the eye. Thanks to the “automatic pairing” and “real-time view” features, nurses and doctors can diagnose patients quickly, easily and accurately.

It was interesting to demonstrate this system to the public. The small Capsule Camera (25.4 mm * 11 mm) flickers when it is active and investigates the small intestine. New modules and functions help physicians get faster and reliable results.

Signing a partner agreement with GDEKK

GDEKK is a non-profit cooperative association which offers purchasing services to more than 90 hospitals and clinics in Europe.

Sinomedik has signed an official contract with GDEKK on June 8th 2016, which, among other things, means Sinomedik has become a supply partner of GDEKK. This creates more business opportunities. Not only in the Netherlands, but also in Germany!

Serious Games in Healthcare

Serious Games in Healthcare Symposium

The Serious Games in Healthcare symposium, held at University Medical Centre Groningen was all about implementing the latest technology to improve education. By using virtual reality technology, patients and doctors are able to experience new environments and learn in a practical way. If properly applied, serious games in healthcare can be very effective. It fits well into the tradition of evidence-based medicine over methodologies. The Chinese organisation “Goldenwings” presented 50 artworks on site, made by children who are affected by autism. In addition, Sinomedik showed how to diagnose patients from a distance by combining the newest technology from Huawei.

Sinomedik sponsored the Serious Games in Healthcare Symposium held at the UMCG. Serious Games in Healthcare is a challenging project. However, Sinomedik believes it will finally lead to good solutions.

Helping doctors and nurses with upgrading the Omom Capsule Camera System

Technical experts from Sinomedik helped doctors and nurses from University Medical Centre Groningen to get acquainted with the new generation of the Omom Capsule Camera system. Sinomedik aims for the best possible after service and values feedback from users. If there are questions or problems, Sinomedik helps to find solutions right away and often on site.